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“Your Event Manager was fantastic…John and I were able to just enjoy the wedding without worrying…because we knew we had him there to solve problems. He really did make a major contribution to the day.”


The Pearl Tent Company’s wedding marquees provide a stunning backdrop. We offer beautiful white canvas marquees with just the right amount of drama to create a lavish and memorable setting.

These unique wedding marquees make for a striking outdoor venue, and are a feature in themselves, with an unparalleled feeling of class and luxury.

Frequently used for clients planning a wedding at home or in a stately countryside venue, and looking for something different from the standard white marquee, the Pearl range of tents fuse aesthetic beauty with the simplicity of a flat white interior. This gives you the flexibility to apply your own colours, themes and decor for a bespoke finish.

Luxury modern white wedding in a canvas marquee with beautiful draping and long tables set for dining with candles and minimalist greenery decor


For weddings, the marquee is erected several days before your big event, leaving you or your production team time to add any finishing touches. Our team are used to working in collaboration with other wedding suppliers.

And as everyone focuses their efforts on ensuring that the next 10 years makes a positive impact on the climate crisis, we also offer the option to offset your tent delivery with a Carbon off-set plan. You can also go even further to attain Carbon Zero with a tree planting plan that can be used to offset your guests’ travel by planting a ‘Wedding Forest’.


Your journey with The Pearl Tent Company starts with a consultation with our Event Director, who conducts a one-to-one site meeting to discuss all the details, from guest parking and power to service areas and furniture style. We’ll work with you to determine your tent layout which will be turned into 3D plans for easier visualisation. These can then be distributed to other suppliers as a perfect representation of your wedding marquee.

Whether it be dramatic curtain reveals to unveil sumptuous dining areas, fountains of fairy lights cascading down the ceiling or dance floors transformed into nightclub areas, the Pearl Tent team can assist with the creative finishing touches that will make a marquee personal to you and your big day.

The award-winning decor crew (who won the Wedding Industry Award Nationally in 2019 for Wedding Styling) can drape, light and accessorise your tent for a tailored look, with fabrics and furniture that perfectly match the theme of your event.

Combine this with a list of industry contacts, developed over 15 years at the top of the event industry, and you have the perfect mix of in-house expertise and a packed black book to ensure your wedding vision comes to perfect fruition.

Luxury outdoor wedding ceremony for 200 guests in a huge white canvas marquee decorated with luxe red and pink florals and statement chandeliers
Wedding marquee for an outdoor reception in a garden decorated with greenery and olive trees in terracotta pots. The marquee has open sides so you can see the round tables and wooden dance floor inside
Unusual wedding marquee with cool rustic decor and furniture for an outdoor dinner party with 200 guests

The Pearl Tent Company offer a wide range of in house services. We can assist you with everything you’d expect from a normal marquee company and more, so you can benefit from a ‘one stop shop’ for your wedding celebrations.

Benefit from indoor furniture, props and decor to outdoor furniture, lighting and heating, as well as a creative in-house decor team who take pride in making finishing touches bespoke for your wedding.

Our 3D modelling is used to create plans to illustrate every event, and to provide a unique and perfect visual representation of the tent. This enables clients to experiment with the positioning of the interior elements to ensure that when it comes to your actual wedding day, the arrangements will fall seamlessly into place.


Dana Tent Large Wedding Marquee Hire

The Dana Pearl has a standing capacity of 300 people and can seat up to 220 people when used purely as a dining tent, or 150 with space for a dance floor and stage. Adding Ampio and Picco extensions to the side can increase this capacity to 200 people with space for dining and dancing.



Lulu Pearl Tent Small Wedding Marquee

The Lulu Pearl’s standing capacity is 200 people and can seat up to or 140 people if it’s being used just for dining, or for 90 people with a dance floor and stage.

It can also be used as a dance tent for the evening, with the Oyster Pearl tent being used for dining in.



Oyster Pearl Open Tent Wedding Hire

The Oyster Pearl Tent comes in five sizes – 12m x 12m, 12m x 18m, 12m x 24m, 12m x 30 and 12m x 36m and can be either used in conjunction with the other Pearl structures as a ceremony area or reception tent for larger events, or as a stand-alone party marquee accommodating dining, dancing and lounge seating for up to 300 guests.



The Round Oyster Tent Clear Side Marquee Hire

Introducing the The Round Oyster. It boasts a high peaked ceiling which provides instant space and light. It can hold 120 standing guests or 60 people seated for dinner.



Lulette Wedding Tent Square Wedding Marquee

The Lulette Pearl tent has a standing capacity of 100 people and can seat up to or 90 people if it’s being used as a dining tent, or 70 people with a dance floor and stage.



MINI PEARL Tent Small Wedding No Sides Marquee Tent

The 6m x 6m Mini Pearl can hold 70 standing guests or 40 people seated for dinner. It is ideal as a stand-alone champagne/reception tent.