The Round Oyster looks as spectacular during the day as it does when illuminating against the night sky.

Using the two ends of the Oyster Pearl and drawing it together, the high peaked ceiling gives an intermittent feeling of space and light.

What can you use this tent for?

The first dome shaped structure to our collection, the Round Oyster works in harmony with the other Pearl structures, or could be used as a stand-alone champagne/reception tent, garden party tent or intimate gathering.

The Round Oyster can hold 120 guests standing, or 60 people seated for dinner.

These tents are made in the UK from the finest white canvas and come with a flat white lining and drapes tied to each leg with tassels.

How big is this tent?

It requires 16m across in diameter of space to erect and secure, and as with the rest of the structures in the Pearl collection, ideally needs to be erected on grass

Each component is made using the highest quality materials, and our structures adhere to strict British safety standards and withstand bad weather and winds of up to 50mph. They are both waterproof and fireproof.

Our team of perfectionists skilfully build and dismantle the marquees, aiming to minimise the impact on your venue site, paying close attention to detail each time.

Clear walls can be used instead of canvas ones to maximise the setting and view, making best use of the light that is drawn in through the clear walls, and keep guests warm during the evening.

Build-time required – one day.

Prices from £3,500 + delivery and VAT.