“It’s the most beautiful tent I’ve ever seen” – Ross Perot

Made in the UK from the finest white canvas, our Moghul marquees are both waterproof and fire-proof. Each component is made using the highest quality materials, and our structures adhere to strict British standards and withstand bad weather and winds of up to 50mph.

From 2020 as a committment to become Carbon Neutral, an option to offset the carbon associated with delivering the tents is being introduced, together with other initiatives for planting a ‘Wedding Forest’ to off-set guests travel, and offering eco-tips for your next event.

As architecturally beautiful as they are robust, the Pearl Tent spacious white canvas marquees are often used by clients who dislike the standard clearspan marquees, and who are looking for something unique and stylish to cover their guests.

From initial contact to post-event clear-up, the Pearl Tent Team strive to excel with a bespoke service that involves a consultation from the Event Director, a dedicated Project Manager to assist on their journey, and a professional Site Team that treat each and every event with the importance it deserves.

The iconic Pearl Tent design originates from the Moghul architecture of the 16th century and the beautiful elevated roof and clean lines of the Pearl Tent structures are reminiscent of the great palaces of the Mughal dynasty.

The Mughals themselves erected structures similar to these in huge quantities to create vast tented camps, in celebration of royal Indian weddings and special events.

The Pearl Tent’s geometric shape and unusual design is also widely associated with Art Deco, and the ‘Roaring 20’s’ a style that is particuarly popular in 2020 and evocative of 1920s Hollywood glamour.

With this perfect union of Eastern design and Western engineering, Pearl Tents are the only Mughal marquees available to hire in the UK with British engineered frames that can withstand winds of up to 50mph.

Stunning white canvas marquee exteriors & rustic detailing make the Pearl Tents an extremely beautiful combination between contemporary features and traditional style.

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