Large Marquee Tents

Here at The Pearl Tent Company, we are proud to supply the finest quality white canvas marquees – which become a magical and spacious environment perfect for your large-scale event. From weddings to bigger private parties, and corporate events to brand experiences, we serve clients across the UK with our stunning large marquee tents: versatile, elegant and of superb quality.


Why choose us?

Our team at The Pearl Tent Company are incredibly passionate about the quality and style that our unique UK-made marquee tents offer. We bring over a decade of experience, a huge and loyal client base and a singular approach to what we do.

Our marquee designs are inspired by the style of Indian Mughal tents: classic, beautiful, statuesque structures with luxurious vaulted ceilings. We produce large marquees that feature a strong white canvas on a framework of German-engineered clear-span technology. This makes them extremely robust and highly decorative. Each tent is equipped with a choice of furniture, furnishings, lighting and accessories to complement your event and specifications.

What are the benefits of a large marquee tent?

Your event is only as good as your venue. High impact, waterproof, fireproof and made from the highest quality materials, our Large Marquee Tents are versatile and can be customised to suit your vision. They are a blank canvas, ready to be tailored and tweaked to your exact party requirements.

Our Large Marquee Tents are some of the most impressive structures available, lending a palatial elegance and style to your memorable occasion.

OYSTER Pearl Tent

Our Large Tents

Oyster Pearl Marquee

Oyster Pearl tent

A fantastic choice as either a standalone marquee or in conjunction with other Pearl tents, the Oyster Pearl tent is an elegant ‘tipi-style’ bohemian tent featuring a white canvas. Its modular design enables it to extend to five sizes, providing suitable dining, dancing and lounge seating space for up to 300 guests.

Dana Pearl Marquee

Dana Tent

The perfect marquee for a traditional wedding reception, summer garden party, or corporate function, the Dana Pearl tent has a 12m internal width and 21m length. Able to house more than 350 people, our beautiful marquee offers the ultimate light and airy atmosphere, due to the two vaulted peaks it features in its ceiling.