“The tent looked fabulous at the Henley Regatta and your crew worked so professionally to install it.”

Using an impressive, striking structure which rises gracefully from the ground, head and shoulders above everything else, provides an excellent first impression for your company party, hospitality event or brand experience.

The visual appeal of our Pearl Tents instantly delivers an elegant atmosphere for your guests, highlighting that they’ve walked into a luxury event that is high-end and carefully considered.

The Pearl Tents stand tall and are more elegant than standard marquees…the initial impact they create is priceless.

The bespoke 3D CAD modelling service enables clients to visualise exactly how their tent and furnishings will be laid out, and assists post-production teams in planning installations, props and furniture within the structures.

Our professional team are used to working alongside other industry suppliers at sporting events, in festival VIP areas and for private company events. So we’re able to provide a hassle-free service through seamless collaboration.

This year, as part of our commitment to working towards being carbon-neutral, we’re offering various initiatives, including carbon off-sets for the delivery of your tent, carbon calculators for guests that attend and eco-tips for reducing the carbon emissions of your event.

When planning a corporate event, what could be more dramatic than leading guests along a lantern-lit walkway into a graceful twinkling tent, decorated with stylish furniture. They’ll be met with the sound of clinking glasses and the hum of laughter which will convey the sense that they have arrived at a five-star event.

This is what the Pearl Tents create: a setting that provides an elegant, luxurious space for you and your guests.

And we offer a range of in-house accessories to complete the look. From hurricane lanterns for decorating pathways to Victorian wrought iron furniture for guests to enjoy outside the tent, and a variety of seating options to suit the style and look of your event, you have the ability to source everything in one place.

If there’s anything we don’t stock in our armoury of equipment, we can outsource it and our team will oversee it with the rest of our equipment, making the planning process as simple as possible.

Our experienced marquee builders are knowledgeable about the unique structures we provide, and can tackle any issues or challenges with good humour, professionalism and efficiency.

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